Major Reference

Smart Factory Automation

MK tech is creating a smart factory automation storey with IT for our partners such as Proton, Inokom Corporation (BMW & MAZDA), Go Auto Manufacturing, and Hicom Automotive (Volkswagen). We are experienced with assembly line equipment supply and installation and also provide the IT solution.

  • PHN INDUSTRY (Proton)

    We have been involved with the Proton assembly line equipment, implementing the tyre supply conveyor line and installing the chassis body tightening machine and multiple nut runner. We also provide IT solutions such as the Proton MES System and Proton Tracking and Ordering System (PTOS).

  • Inokom Corporation (BMW & MAZDA)

    We are experienced with the Inokom Trim Line Project with the supply and installation of the trim line conveyor and chasis line main structure. And we were also involved with the Mazda Assembly Line Project by implementing the assembly conveyor line and construction tester line (wheel alignment, roll tester line, brake line).


    We have been installing and incorporating production facilities into the Go Auto factory, such as trim stations, chassis hangers, peedometer testers, suspension testers, painting booths, and supplying the utilities parts such as lighting, air supply, and cooling system.

  • HICOM (Volkswagen Group Malaysia)

    We are delivering our automation solution to HICOM Automotives by installing the storage shelves for rear modules of the VW380, a new pre-assembly table for refrigerant piping for the VW380, an engine dress pallet and a receiving table for the window glueing process.

Courier / Parcel Service

MK Tech has expertise in providing smart logistic solutions to our customers' courier services, such as Poslaju, CJ Century Malaysia, CJ LEM Malaysia, and CJ Logistic Thailand. We are experiencing the assembly, installation, and maintenance of the cross belt sorting system, wheel sorter sorting system, and conveyor system, including the control of the smart classification system for IT, mechanical, and electrical components.

  • Poslaju

    Poslaju has set up the Integrated Parcel Center 1 (IPC1) in Shah Alam since 2014 and the Integrated Parcel Center 2 (IPC2) in KLIA, Sepang since 2019. We are experts in the assembly, installation, and maintenance management of the cross belt sorting system and conveyor belt system for Poslaju IPC.

  • CJ Century, Malaysia

    CJ Century, Malaysia was established by CJ Logistic in partnership with a local corporation. We have performed the local installation work of the wheel sorting system and conveyor system and have been conducting maintenance services for CJ Century.

  • CJ Logistics, Thailand

    The CJ Logistics Smart Hub is another milestone to drive the country’s economy and parcel industry to an international level by developing major infrastructure and expanding service points across the strategic Thai market. We have performed the local installation work of wheel sorting systems and conveyor systems and have been conducting maintenance services for CJ Logistic Thailand.

High Technology

MK Tech is expanding our business to high technology, which is focusing on the semiconductor industry, such as STMicroelectronics, AVX Corporation Malaysia, AVX Corporation Thailand, and AAM International Malaysia. We are one of the local expertise companies providing the assembly, installation and maintenance of smart automation equipment and machinery such as MICRON Memory Penang. We help our customers produce their devices and products more intelligently, more energy efficiently, more connected, safer and more secure.

  • STMicro electronics Malaysia

    STMicroelectronics creates electronic circuit microchips, or just "chips", which combine the latest advances in performance, intelligence, and efficiency.

  • AAM International Malaysia

    AAM International is focused on lead frame products and material solutions for the semiconductor packaging industry.

  • AVX Corporation Malaysia & Thailand

    AVX Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components engineered to design, develop, manufacture, and supply advanced capacitors, antennas, interconnects, circuit protection and timing devices, sensors, controls, filters, fuses, diodes, resistors, couplers, and inductors optimised for employment in the international 5G, IoT, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and military markets.

  • MICRON Memory Penang Malaysia

    MICRON Memory is one of the global pioneers in cutting-edge memory solutions that revolutionize how people use information. MICRON Memory has contributed significantly to the most important technological developments in the world for more than 40 years by providing the best memory and storage solutions for a variety of applications.