Our Business

Smart Factory Automation

  • Process automation

    An efficient process with manpower savings

  • Plant diffrentiation

    Customized engineering for diverse customers and fields

  • advanced factory management system

    Licensing Support

  • efficient design

    Turnkey service and Investment cost saving

Automotive Engineering

MK TECH provides a variety of technology support services for automotive engineering as a one-stop solution, a specialised company in the fields of production facilities, packaging, logistics, IT solutions, inspection systems, and construction.


    (Completely Knock Down)

  • Filling Machine & Manipulator

  • EOL(End of Line) Line

  • MES System

Courier / Parcel Service

MK TECH provides maximizing space efficiency with specialized logistics route optimizing technology

  • Courier Center

  • MOPS

    (Multi Order Picking System)

  • ASRS

    (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

High technology

We are connecting our customers and their value through our technology of setup and maintenance. Now we will grow into an engineering company that leads industrial facilities.

  • Semiconductor

  • Electronic Components

  • OHT

    (Overhead Hoist Transport)